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Supplier Resource

InterConnect Wiring is committed to working with our suppliers to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. We know that in order to be a world-class company, our suppliers must also be world-class. In the coming months, we will be implementing new strategies and cooperative efforts, with a focus on extending RFQ validity periods and forging mutually beneficial long term pricing agreements with our best suppliers. We will also ask for supplier feedback to find out areas where we can improve our processes. Finally, we will continue to enhance the supplier rating system as a valuable tool to help optimize our partnerships with our valued suppliers. The system is based on the following:
  • On Time Delivery Percentage
  • Conforming Material Percentage
Based on a combined score, our suppliers are placed into one of the four following supplier categories. See below for an example of one such supplier rating.
  • Top Supplier
  • Superior
  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable
We would like to thank our suppliers who over the years have helped us meet our material requirements. Without your help, we would not be the company that we are today. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated.


Soon, a questionnaire will be emailed to suppliers to assess their compliance to one of these standards.

Planned website updates coming later this year:
  • Supplier logon
  • Open purchase order lines by supplier
  • Supplier feedback

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